Aditya (Adi) Rao & Jo-Ann Deasis


Adi was born and brought up in Bangalore, and completed his university from Stanford where he met Jo-Ann. They now live in San Francisco, California.  Jo-Ann was born in Philippines and raised in New Orleans. Both are product designers with a great eye for detail.

Wedding Location and Date

Adi and Jo-Ann decided to get married in the garden city of Bangalore, India during the crispy, chilly month of January (18-20, 2018).

Enter, Weddings By Kirti

An earlier client referred us to the Adi’s mother and we had our first meeting in November 2017.  We got a call back in the first week of December followed with a Skype call with the couple and we were hired.  This coincidently also happened to be a week ahead of my own wedding and just 45 days ahead of the couple’s wedding.

Sneak-Peek Into The Love Story

Adi and Jo-Ann met during a lab class at university in their first year at Stanford. Both are now product designers and it was a delight to work with them as they were one of the couples who were open to experimenting at their wedding. We planned an elaborate 3-day wedding celebration with both Hindu and Filipino-Catholic wedding ceremonies. Guests were to come in from the US and across India to be part of the celebrations.

The Wedding Planning

The couple wanted something classy yet eclectic for each event. We began brainstorming from our very first Skype call.  Since both are product managers, they wanted clean lines of design and were very open to the ideas put forth by us. We played with geometric origami, which were quite time consuming to make, but looked gorgeous. We used them for the Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies. For the Hindu rituals, we went all traditional and for the Church ceremony we played with a riot of colours – very unlike what a conventional bride would go for. We finished off with a classy and minimalistic reception.

Hurdles? We call them opportunities!

We were onboarded less than a month ahead of their wedding and the couple came down to India just 2 weeks ahead of the wedding, so putting everything together was a mammoth task. But, since we were mostly on the same page for everything from food to décor, planning and executing was fun.

Besides that, I think logistically we had to deal with working on 4 different venues, different caterers, etc. But, seeing the wedding finish off with smiling, happy faces was a very fulfilling experience for us.


I would say the food and décor being different at each ceremony was something that was a unique element of this wedding. The pairing of food and drink was given special attention.

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