Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

Indian weddings in general are anywhere between a 2-7 days affair with loads of fun events, Mehndi, Sangeet, etc. While we are big fans of making every event a fun one, we also advice clients on not replicating an element or an event from another wedding or what they found on the internet. The wedding events need to be personalised to reflect who they are and tell their story, while at the same time keeping in mind their guests are engaged and have a great time. When you or your guests reminisce about your wedding you would like to remember it with a smile and all the happy and fun memories you made, while celebrating two people coming together.

We truly believe that humour and laughter are essential at weddings, it helps ease out any pent-up emotions, relieves stress, lightens everyone up, and definitely helps break the ice. Many wedding guests usually smile and suffer in silence during long family dance-drama performances during Sangeets or endless speeches at Receptions or even standard dance/singing performances by renowned dance companies. While they are a very generic form of entertainment, tried and tested over the years, it would be great if we could put in some more thought to it. 

Since, not all families have that one cousin or friend who can hold an entire event together, we strongly recommend availing services of a professional comedian or a Master of Ceremony (MC) who can host the evening while keeping the guests engaged and entertained, conducting games, making announcements for various performances, all of this while doing a bit of their comic set and picking on sporting members of the family and friends. We’ve worked with stand-up comedians and MCs known for their sense of humour at several of our client’s weddings and it has always worked wonders.

While there is plenty of local talent in most Indian cities, how does one know if they are right for their wedding? We recommend that the couple and/or their families should personally screen any talent before they hire them. The most popular one may or may not be the right one for you. Go to open mic nights or events that they are hosting and meet them in person – no one size fits all. Choose artists that you vibe well with; you want them to have a connect with you since they will be hosting your wedding events. They need to be privy to your story as a couple and your family as well to personalize the whole experience.

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