Sagar Gajjala & Patricia Stutz


Sagar is from Kadapa, India and Patricia hails from Durlach, Germany.

Wedding Location and Date

Sagar and Patricia decided to get married in Sagar’s hometown of Kadapa and have a monsoon wedding in the month of August (7-10, 2016).

Enter, Weddings By Kirti

Shilpa, the sister of the groom found me on an online platform called Urban Clap. After an initial meeting with her and the groom in Bangalore which lasted for a couple of hours, we were hired.

Sneak-Peek Into The Love Story

Sagar and Patricia met at Caramboulage – a student bar, while at University in Karlsruhe in Germany. Sagar spotted her from across the crowded place, walked up to her, and offered to buy her a drink, which she politely declined. This was in 2009.  A year later, they became friends and started dating. Both were committed and went to University of Liverpool to get their master’s degree. Cut to 2014, when Sagar moved back to India on work, they kept in touch and even though a long-distance relationship, their feelings for each other only got stronger.

On a work visit to Germany in 2015, Sagar decided to pop the question and went prepared with a ring and planned to do it at her favourite spot in the city, the Tumberg Castle in Durlach, Patricia’s hometown. During his visit, Patricia had a hunch that Sagar obviously wanted to propose but was waiting for the right time and moment. On one such eventful day, while they were taking in the view of the French border from the Tumberg, she noticed that Sagar was really nervous, so she put her hand into his pocket to find the box with the ring he had been carrying around for weeks. He did go down on one knee as was the order of the day, she hugged him, and so began their life long journey. The wedding date was fixed for the August of the following year in India.

The Wedding Planning

The couple wanted something different for each of their events, and it all had to reflect their tasteful choices. While it couldn’t be too far out in terms of design, but we stayed consciously away from the regular Telegu-style wedding. Our cocktail bar had flair bartenders and the A-list dance company from Bangalore – Tarantismo – were hired for the Sangeet.

Hurdles? We call them opportunities!

Since Kadapa is sweltering hot all around the year, keeping flowers fresh and maintaining a cool on the set-up was a challenge that the team took up with aplomb.


Most of the planning and shopping happened over video calls for the bride. Also, the bride loves elephants, so the groom and his family surprised her by getting one for them to make an entry at their Sangeet ceremony. The elephant was also part of the wedding day festivities. We also did a special bar for their Sangeet with food-based cocktails.

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