I’m a small-town girl from Coimbatore who moved to Bangalore chasing her corporate dreams. After a stint in writing and then in finance, I found my calling in wedding planning. I just knew I wanted to see couples in love come together. But, hadn’t figured out the how’s of the line of career, leave alone the business. I started off by working with other firms – I would make cold calls to wedding planning firms in Bangalore asking for work and eventually landed a job in the wedding space in April 2013. I would get bewildered reactions from guests at weddings on my choice of a career switch, but I was happiest on a wedding set-up, learning the couple’s story, planning their big day and seeing how it all came together. From set-up, to food, to how things are laid out, it almost becomes an obsession.

After working with other firms and then being a partner at one (Dec 2013 – Jul 2015), I decided it was time to launch Weddings by Kirti. It was an idea that came up on a holiday at my sister’s place on one of my morning walks, although the seed for it was planted by a couple of my friends, months ahead. The ones who still push me and believe in my potential.

We went fully live and functional in September 2015 with our first assignment, since then there has been no looking back and it has been quite a journey – one that I am in love with because of the madness, emotions, passion, commitment, laughter, fun, and celebrations that come when the events get conceptualized to the final styling and execution.

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